A Little Good News Today: STARTS 7 FEBRUARY 2018

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Michelle “Siyabuyo” Ashburner refers to herself as a trained optimist, rather seeing the doughnut than the hole.

The focus of this show is highlighting the good news stories, sharing stories of kindness, hope and  doing heart-warming interviews that inspire us to bring the best out in ourselves and each other.

This show is scheduled for the middle of the week, Wednesday’s between 11 and 1pm, in time to invigorate the tone for the week that has run just long enough to start being frustrating and just short enough to set up the weekend with a little bit of ‘positive’ fuel. To find out more about Michelle, go to her website: www.michelleashburner.co.za

If you have any good news, heart-warming stories or are someone who can uplift and inspire others through who you are, something you are doing then please let Michelle know about it on info@ytradio.org.

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