Michelle Ashburner

has traveled many roads to get to this point of Managing Director of Youth Today Radio, and to quote the Dixie Chicks she “took the long way around”. She considers herself a universal citizen, “After all, in my travels, irrespective of where I am, I realise that the human race is more alike than different. I find myself belonging everywhere I go simply because I am human, a universal citizen,” she says.

Her passion for what she does seems to have unlimited depth, width and breadth – her passions are centered around training, youth and business.

Michelle enjoys people and you will often find her at parties talking to people about their passions, ideas and interests. One of her goals is to become a motivational speaker. In her ‘previous’ life, Michelle has done many things to earn a living but the one she loves the most is being a trainer. She used all the things she had learned to conceptualise the Youth Today Africa offering.

She is the founder of Youth Today Africa, and welcomes people who are passionate, driven, people-centred and have a love for Africa, and South Africa her mother-land, to jump on board and share the actions planned of changing the current reality.

If you want to contact Michelle, then please email info@ytradio.org.

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