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Lebo “hell raiser” Mokoena is a young and energetic person. She comes from a family of 5 siblings and has learnt her outspoken ways from there. She started working for a call centre just after high school and this then also made her to be more vocal and opinionated. She is believed to be very […]

Esther Malebati Esther owns a company called Morongwa Cleaning Services that she operates from her home in Alex. She is married to Phillip and together they have three children, Sharon, Gabriel and Lorraine. They also have two grandchildren, twin boys. Esther has been on the journey with Youth Today Africa since the beginning, and now […]

Faith Mabenge Faith is a happy individual, but she hates photo’s. In fact you will find so few on her Facebook (where this picture was poached from) that you wonder if Faith has some super power that she can resist selfies or pics showing what she is up to. Quick fact: Faith hates driving! Faith’s […]

Denis Dionysiou Denis is a graphic designer by trade, but jack-of-all-trades describes him best. He serves in the metal industry, involved in food, markets and all things hat catch his attention. Denis is serving as a Board Member for Youth Today Africa with a specific focus on helping us grow so that we too can […]

Johan Nel is a successful business man with a heart for doing good, as long as it makes sense! A family man, he is married with two small children. Johan is part of the Youth Today Africa board that helps guide the initiative to be the best it can be.

Lizelle van Wyk HR specialist dealing with all things HR offers these services through 360 Degrees – a company who offers specialist HR and Training services. Lizelle is a Youth Today Africa board member. Contact Lizelle on 082 561 1791

Zandi Nkabinde Zandi is a professional trainer who focuses on teaching young people entrepreneurship. Having trained for several blue chip training companies Zandi understands and embraces the need for skills development. She is married to Chiliza Nkabinde, another trainer, and together they share a house with two teenagers.  

DJ Angelika I’m 13 years old and a student. I looooove classic movies, superhero movies, music of every genre (except country music, unless someone can change my mind). I also love film-making, writing stories and most of all I love my family and friends. I am JoBo (Jozi-born)  and I’m a proud Boksburg resident. I […]

Rogerio Frawley Captain of YT Radio station and the MF, Roger loves all thing movies, games and internet which makes him perfect to take you off planet through new vistas and worm holes. He also loves his beard and in spite of numerous requests to “see” his face he refuses. A true beard-afficionado! Catch Roger […]

Norton Nyandeni   To go to his show page, click here

Michelle Ashburner has traveled many roads to get to this point of Managing Director of Youth Today Radio, and to quote the Dixie Chicks she “took the long way around”. She considers herself a universal citizen, “After all, in my travels, irrespective of where I am, I realise that the human race is more alike […]

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