Here are the questions we have been asked over the last while that might help answer one of yours. If your question is not here, then please email us on info@ytradio.org. Thanks.

1. How do I get rid of the subscribe request that pops up?

Firstly, thank you for subscribing, we appreciate your support. All you have to do is press the ESC button on your keyboard.

2. Where can I send my CV after I have subscribed?

You didn’t get here the usual way. No worries. After you have subscribed, please send your CV to info@ytradio.org

3. How old do you have to be to apply to be a presenter?

As long as you have written consent from your parents, and we have their contact details we usually are open to anyone 13 years and older (to 35 years old). In some instances we have gone older, but that is to help the newbies start.

4. Why do I see Youth Today Africa (YTA), then Youth Today Open School (or YTOS) and Youth Today Radio (YTR) all on the same website?

Youth Today Africa is the holding company, and the others are subsidiaries. They work together to bring youth in Africa a total skills delivery solution with loads of fun along the way. We are working on a document that will be made available on request – use the email address to request it. Thanks

5. Can I volunteer to help?

Short answer: yes, send your CV to our email address and the let’s talk.

6. What is the frequency for Youth Today Radio?

We don’t have a frequency like other radio stations simply because we are a pan-African solution. This means that in order to get to our audience, they must be able to hear us and so that’s why we operate online at www.ytradio.org – go visit! Don’t forget to subscribe.

If your question is not here, then please email us on info@ytradio.org. Thanks.

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